Happy New Year – January School Holiday Program

Happy New Year ClayMotioners!

ClayMotion is back on board after a short break, and until classes begin again the shop hours have changed:


And as always the January School Holiday Program will be running again this year on Wednesday the 17th and 24th with different projects on each day so children can enrol in both for some holiday creative fun.

Wednesday 17th is monster mugs using the coiling technique with applied decoration to create monster features, and the 24th is pinch pot fish with applied decoration to create fish features.

More information on both programs and enrolment information is available in the School Holiday Program page and you can enrol HERE, or drop into the shop.

Also in January the gallery space features an end of year student exhibition so pop in and have a look at what can be accomplished during term classes.

Gallery Exhibition space at ClayMotion Ballarat Victoria

The exhibition will finish at the end of January and will be followed by a new exhibition showcasing new abstract paintings by Dawn Lorraine Lim, a central highlands artist living in Moonambel. Join us for wine and cheese at the opening on Saturday 3rd February.

Exhibition at ClayMotion Gallery Ballarat Victoria

I am also busy getting in new stock and pottery and art supplies, plus the window is looking fantastic with lots of handcrafted gifts created by local makers, so keep this in mind the next time you need a birthday gift.

Window display handcrafted gifts at claymotion ballarat victoria

And all the dates and times are up for term one pottery and mosaic classes – enrol online, drop into the shop or give me a call.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂



School Holiday Program – Christmas Decorations

ClayMotion School Holiday Program in Ballarat – Christmas Decorations

It that time of year again – term three school holidays and only eleven weeks till Christmas – yes eleven! So it is time for Christmas themed fun!

Last week a group of seven children made some colourful Christmas decorations, and this Wednesday it is Christmas plates – and there are still places left. Visit the SHOP to enrol 🙂

And remember adults classes begin next week, with children beginning the following week …. enrol ONLINE or call me on 0438382522.

Here’s what the children created during last Wednesday’s class. Once glazed and fired the decorations will be finished with Christmas ribbon.

ClayMotion School Holiday program in Ballarat, Victoria

ClayMotion School Holiday program in Ballarat, Victoria

ClayMotion School Holiday program in Ballarat, Victoria

January 2017 School Holiday Program – Pottery in Ballarat

Hello everyone – I hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Year!

Now that things are settling back down to routine (are they?) I thought is timely to post a reminder about the January School Holiday program – we are making snake pencil holders and monster post. Enrol in one session or both to keep the kids creatively occupied. Visit the SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM page for all the info and enrolment details 🙂

And just to keep you inspired check out these cuties from term four kids classes and some of the great stuff they created 🙂

Merry Christmas ClayMotioners

I have not posted on the blog as much as I wanted during term four as I have not been well during the past few months, as many students will know….. so my New Years Resolution : GOOD HEALTH!!

SO …. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all 🙂

AND be sure to check out the children’s school holiday program for your kids, grandkids and friends kids – spread the word!!

AND, or course the term dates and times are up on the website for term one, so visit the CLASSES page for more information.

Meanwhile here are a few pics from term four to inspire your imagination for new creations in term one.

School Holiday Program AND Adults Classes Start this Week!

I’m a bit slow with this weeks school holiday workshop update – that is because my NBN has been down since last Thursday!! I was doing minimal stuff thinking it would be resolved by now – but NO! So I am now chewing up my mobile hotspot coverage (yes I will be demanding compensation) to share the FAB plates & bowls made during the workshop 🙂

And, remember adults classes start this week, and there are a few vacancies available – so visit the SHOP and enrol 🙂

ClayMotion Pottery in Ballarat

School Holiday Program – Pottery in Ballarat.

Last Wednesdays school holiday workshop went off with a bang with lots of colourful Christmas decorations being made. The decorations were painted with coloured slips (slip is liquid clay) and when fired the colours will be bright and shiny.

This Wednesdays workshop is also Christmas themed and we will be making bowls decorated with Christmassy designs. These bowls will be fired to stoneware temperature so can be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher, so will make a great addition to the Christmas table. To enrol go to the SHOP and click on the School Holiday category.


And for the adults classes begin the following week beginning October 4th. To enrol visit the SHOP and click on the Ceramic Classes category – easy!

Happy Sunday 🙂

ClayMotion Pottery in Ballarat

Upcoming ClayMotion Pottery Workshops – Ballarat

There are a series of workshops coming up at the ClayMotion studio over the next month or so:

Childrens School Holiday Program ; Pit Firing Workshop ; Jewellery Making workshop – yes jewellery, just for something different!

See the flyers below for more information and then visit the School Holiday Program Page and Workshops page for more detailed info, and enrol online via the SHOP or ring me on 0438382522.

And remember gift certificates are also available for these workshops.

Hope to see you soon 🙂

School Holiday Program Ballarat

ClayMotion School Holiday Program Ballarat

Jewellery making workshop Ballarat

Fathers Day School Holiday Workshop – pencil holders and coin dishes

Wednesday mornings school holiday class was a great success with seven happy children making presents for dad. We made pencil holders and coin dishes which were painted with coloured clips. They are now drying before being loaded into the kiln and a clear shiny glaze being applied.

ClayMotion School Holiday Program Ballarat

There is another workshop this coming Wednesday 6th July in the afternoon from 2-4pm and again we will be making gifts for dad, grandpa, an uncle or a family friend, whatever dad is special in your life. We will be making a coffee mug and a key/coin dish, so jump on the website, visit the shop and enrol online or call me on 0438382522

ClayMotion School Holiday Program Ballarat

Here’s some pics from last Wednesdays class 🙂

ClayMotion School Holiday Program Ballarat

ClayMotion School Holiday Program Ballarat



School Holiday Program and Term Three

Term two is over for children’s classes and there is one more week left for adults classes – that sure went fast!
It was a great term with students being so patient with the delays of the kilns being connected after the studio renovations – which you can read about HERE. Thankyou students 🙂

The CLASSES page has been updated for term three, and the SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM page is updated for this coming holidays, and you can enrol easily via the SHOP.

This school holidays classes are all about Fathers Day which is on September 4th this year. Make dad, grandpa or an uncle a mug and key chain or a pencil holder and coin dish…. both classes are different, so the kids can join in both.

ClayMotion School holiday collage


Meanwhile, here are a few photo collages from during term two children’s classes to tempt you!

Have a great week 🙂

CLayMotion Childrens Classes Ballarat CLayMotion Childrens Classes Ballarat ClayMotion Childrens Classes Ballarat ClayMotion Childrens Classes Ballarat



Children’s Classes – Finished Works & School Holiday Program

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Term One has come to an end, but for children there are still fun opportunities over the school break with two workshops being held on each Wednesday of the holidays – in both classes we are making Mothers Day gifts. these gifts will make great pressies for mums, nanas, aunts, sisters, even the neighbour across the road!

ClayMotion School Holiday Program


These classes will be lots of fun … check the SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM page for all the details.

But, of course, there was lots of great work made by the children during term one…. check out some of the posts about term one HERE.

Meanwhile here are some finished works by the children during term one … enjoy!