Pottery Session with the 1st Cub & Scouts Ballan – Art & Design Badge

During the week I loaded the car with clay, pottery tools, coloured slips and brushes and hit the road to Ballan to visit the 1st Cub & Scouts in Ballan. Only a 25 minute drive from the studio, it is a very scenic drive when travelling the back way via the Old Melbourne Road.

Insert pic here of Old Melb Rd- oops didn’t take one! Stay tuned for an update when I deliver the finished pinch pots back to the group 🙂

Anyway the brief was to make pinch pots and sculpt them into animals. My suggestion was to then paint them with coloured slips so that the project could be finished in the allotted time – one hour!! It was a tight squeeze, but we did finish in time.

There were twenty six children, so it was a busy hour, but there were a few adults helping out and keeping the project focused, so it ran smoothly. It also ran smoothly because the children were enjoying the activity – which is always half the battle!

Not all of the children were undertaking the activity for the Art and Design Badge as some already had that badge, but of those who were completing this badge they were required to take a worksheet home and recap what they had learnt through a series of questions and drawings. The children were quite attentive so I am sure they will do well.

Stay tuned for a post in  couple of weeks showcasing the finished results …. in the meantime here’s what we got up to 🙂

ClayMotion Ballarat Pottery with Ballan Cubs Scouts

ClayMotion Ballarat Pottery with Ballan Cubs Scouts



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