A Teambuilding Reflection Workshop with Berry Street Employees

In stark contrast to the cold and rainy Ballarat afternoon the teambuilding reflection workshop with Berry Street employees was fun, energetic and inspiring for all involved.

The team of eleven, from the family services section of Berry Street wanted an afternoon of reflection based on the past twelve months. To realise this participants made a vessel inspired by how they felt twelve months ago, and a sculpture based on their current feelings. The team then discussed these issues over afternoon tea – and the liveliness and constructive nature of the conversation certainly illustrated how creative expression can unlock thoughts and feelings that may have previously been difficult to connect with and vocalise.

Following afternoon tea participants had ‘free’ time to play – some continued manipulating the clay between their fingers, others had a go at throwing on the wheel, while others simply sat and chatted.

Overall, it seemed to be a very successful afternoon for strengthening team bonds and communication.

Teambuilding and/or reflection workshops can be organised on an individual basis tailored to suit your workplace needs by contacting me on 0438382522 or by Email.


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