School Holiday Program

Filled with creativity and sugar free ClayMotion school holiday workshops are a great way to keep the kids occupied over the holidays and to introduce them to an activity and creative method they may not have experienced.

ClayMotion classes and workshops for children are designed to encourage individual creativity, fine motor skills and tactile development, all of which are important skills to hone in our current modern fast paced technological world. Being able to relax in the environment of creativity is an important factor to maintain balance in a “results” based modern society – especially for children.

Each school holiday period workshops are offered and each time a new creation is made, so children can attend multiple times – this is ideal for kids who can’t commit to school term classes due to other commitments.

ClayMotion provides the venue, tools and equipment, tuition and all materials and kiln firing inclusive.

Your child’s creation remains at the studio to dry and are then fired in the kiln. The parent/adult is then contacted when the creation are ready to take home.

Cost: $39.00 per child – classes are kept to a minimum or 5 children, maximum of 10.



Ring Dishes and Coffee Cups
Wednesday 5th April 10-12noon
Wednesday 12th April 2-4pm

$39.00 including all materials and firing – enrol via the SHOP


Children will create a ring dish using the pinching method of construction and a coffee mug using the coiling method. They will be decorated with coloured slip (liquid clay) and may be personalised.

These will make great keepsake Mothers Day gifts for mums, aunts, grandmothers and family friends.

While this project is a fun activity designed to stimulate the children, it also will hone both imagination, dexterity and fine motor skills, and explore the 3Dimensional object within space taking into consideration proportion, design and personal creativity.

Parents will be contacted when the gifts are fired and ready to pick up.

**Remember if you would like to give this as a gift you can purchase a Gift Certificate**



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