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Mothers Groups are a fantastic way for new mums to discover common ground with peers and network and find support and advice with the community. And part of this support network is maintaining, or discovering, a way to express your feelings, ideas and creativity – a very important need when being a mum can sometimes feel lonely and isolating.

If you are a new mum in the Ballarat area or surrounds ClayMotion can provide this creative stimulus via your mothers groups connections.

Being a mum myself – my babies are now 22 and 25 (yes they are still my babies) – I can remember those early days of being too tired and busy to be creative and spend time developing my own sense of self and satisfaction, and I believe these sessions are a great way to achieve these needs whilst still being with your baby and amongst the company of peers – it is a win-win!!

Mums learn how to make a plate or shallow bowl into which babies handprints or footprints are pressed. Mum can then decorate the bowl with a mixture of different techniques such as stamping, texturing and painting.  The end result is a lasting snapshot of your baby which is a beautiful keepsake for the future.

Although it may seem to be a simple case of pressing hands and feet into wet clay, many  mums express a genuine enjoyment in being able to explore some creativity and self expression with how they go about individualizing and decorating their plates – which is fantastic!

ClayMotion Mums and Bubs can be organised most mornings or afternoons with a few weeks notice. The cost is $39.00 per mum and bub, which includes all materials, tuition and firing costs AND a cup of tea or coffee!! Enquiries can be made by emailing me or phoning 0438382522 🙂

Below are some pics of past sessions, more of which can be seen by visiting the BLOG 

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