Finished Student Works – Term Three draws to a close

The end of the term is fast approaching, and that means lots of finished student works!

The term went by so fast with lots of exciting projects underway.

Term four dates and times for adults and children are updated on the CLASSES page and you can enrol easily in the SHOP. And remember GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for all classes in the SHOP

Also,exciting news for term four: mosaic classes will begin – more information coming soon. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the NEWSLETTER so you will not miss out the announcements about new programs and course.

And to finish off here are some pics of some of the finished artworks from this term 🙂


Childrens pottery classes Ballarat Victoria Australia

Childrens Pottery at ClayMotion Ballarat

Children’s classes are now underway at the ClayMotion Studio for term three. Some children are returning students and others are new – this is ideal as students in the class are all at different levels and ages, and all work at their own pace. This makes for a relaxed and happy learning environment which is perfect for kids to reach their top potential.

And. yes, mid term enrolments or casual attendance is most welcome – just email or phone me on 0438382522 to discuss your requirements.

And now on to some pics from previous kids classes 🙂

Term Three Pottery Classes Start this Week!

Term Three Pottery Classes Start this Week!

Pottery in Ballarat

I am definitely not posting on this blog often enough! Time just seems to go so fast…

Anyhoo, following are some pics from term two classes, and term three classes start this week for adults and the following week for children. Enrolling is easy via the SHOP or you can call me on 0438382522 to discuss any needs you may have 🙂

Can’t commit to a full term? Casual rates are available at $22 per class, so just pay as you are able to attend!

So, scroll through the pics, get inspired and enrol today 🙂


Happy Easter ClayMotioners :-)

Happy Easter ClayMotioners!!

Term Two starts next week for adults and the following week for children and there are still a few places left in classes. Enrolling is easy online or ring me directly to book in.

Lots of creativity happened during term one, and following are some images to inspire your future creations!

See you soon 🙂



Pottery in Ballarat Term Three – some finished student works

Well we are half way through term three and time is flying!! It has been a great term in both the children’s and adult classes, with lots of creativity happening! As we can see by the great work in progress pics from adults classes:

And here are some fantabulous finished works from ClayMotion students 🙂

AND …. there is an upcoming workshop for anyone interested in ceramics. Suitable for beginners to advanced, the pit firing workshop offers a great opportunity to explore more of your creative side…. see the workshops page for more info 🙂



Term Three is Underway – Pottery in Ballarat

Term Three is Underway – Pottery in Ballarat

Well term three is underway, after a snowy start to the term, with adults classes beginning last week and children’s classes stating this week.

ClayMotion childrens classes Ballarat

ClayMotion Snow July 2016 Ballarat

Just a reminder that mid term enrolments are welcome – you will only be charged for the number of weeks left in the term 🙂

Here is a collage of whats happened so far this term….



And some pics of finished student works from last term….

ClayMotion Student works Pottery in Ballarat

ClayMotion Student works Pottery in Ballarat

ClayMotion Student works Pottery in Ballarat



Studio Renovation

For those of you who follow ClayMotion on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you will know that there have been some major renovations happening in the studio… and, yay, they are now all finished!

The renovations were begun during the last two week school holiday break in response to growing class sizes. I decided I needed  separate glaze room and additional storage space. So in we plunged, “we” being the hubby and I!

I am happy to report that most of the structure, and all of the shelving and storage units were made using upcycled materials. The only new materials we bought were the flooring, ceiling, walls, beading and insulation. The frame was built using recycled timber and the roofing recycled tin, and the windows came from 1) an old tabletop and 2) my house – a window that had been removed when building a verandah onto the back of the house. The paints were left overs from previous projects.

ClayMotion renovations

I’m really happy with the ‘recycling’ concept, as it offsets the footprint I leave with things like gas firings and transporting clay and glaze ingredients.

As mentioned the renos were started during the last school holiday period with the intention of having them finished by the time classes resumed, but we all know building projects never go to plan!! The main structure was complete by the two weeks, but there were a few bits & pieces that needed finishing – a bit of beading, for example – but the biggest delay was getting the kiln reconnected!!

However, the delay has perhaps been a little serendipitous. It gave me time to think about needing another kiln, which I did!

I decided I needed a new bigger kiln or another average sized kiln to service my growing business and I thought I should try to purchase one asap so that both kilns could get connected at the same time. I was lucky enough to find one really quickly – and a bargain – by posting a Wanted to Buy in some local Buy Swap & Sell Groups on Facebook. I received a reply quite quickly – a port o kiln which was about thirty years old, but that had never been connected or used…. just sitting in someone’s shed – in new condition!! (rubs hands together). They are both now reconnected, after a few weeks delay, so I am now in catch up mode on class work. I must the stents have been very understanding which has been great!

ClayMotion Kilns


The renovation has basically added two open space areas on the side of the existing studio. these spaces have become a glazing room and storage area. The other part of the renovation I love is the new ‘library’ area – perfect for sitting with a cuppa and browsing books or developing ideas in my visual diary. This corner in the existing studio was the old glaze area, but with everything being moved into the new room I could create this cozy space, something I have always wanted to do.

ClayMotion Studio


Creating the library cleared a space in a cabinet (where I used to store books) and this has now become a display cabinet for tools and equipment for sale – yes I also sell ceramic supplies and post Australia wide. the postage is included in the prices which are in the online shop on the CLAYMOTION website.

ClayMotion pottery supplies


There is still a bit of re-organising and tidying up to do, especially outside in the yard, but here are some pics this far:-)


Term Two Classes are Underway!

Term two is a long term – eleven weeks – after a short term one due to Easter, but we have just finished week three: where did that time go?

The weather so fr has been great, with a gorgeous Autumn and mild calm weather – until the last few days…. it has started getting windy which can be typical for this time of year. But, never fear, the studio is toasty warm with the wood heater in full swing.


Remember that mid term enrolments are welcome with fees being calculated based on how many weeks are left in term. Can’t commit to an entire term?  Casual rates are available with your choice of three classes to attend.

And to inspire you check out some of the creations so far this term 🙂


ClayMotion Birthday Parties

Wow, what a beautiful Autumn we are having in Ballarat, and a perfect day for a birthday party at the foot f Mt Warrenheip!!

Today’s birthday was for 11 year old Mikala. Eleven children celebrated Mikala’s birthday busily making treasure boxes, and enjoying the scope fr creativity ClayMotion parties provide. In fact, one 10 year old girl, upon leaving said “I’m so glad you exist because I love art.” – blew me away!!

claymotion childrens classes

And she is right – art is a great way to learn problem solving skills, design skills, motor skills, listening skills and relaxing skills – as well as so much more!

Birthday parties are always successful and a great alternative to some other sugar filled options. Today we made treasure boxes by hollowing out blocks of clay and painting them with coloured slips.


For more information visit the Parties page 🙂

And after a busy day I am now relaxing with a wine!! Oops. but I’m writing a blog post – on wait, is that relaxing!?



Term Two Classes begin Next Week!

Adults Pottery Classes Ballarat

ClayMotion classes start this week, and spaces are filling fast, so be sure to enrol as soon as possible to ensure your space.
Enrolling is easy via the SHOP.

In the meantime here are some pics from last terms classes 🙂