Childrens Loom & Weave

Children’s Loom and Weave Project – recommended age 9-13yrs (this is a guide – you know your child best)

Tuesday 13th November – 4th December  4.00-5.30pm

$85.00 includes all materials (no additional costs)

During this four week project children will create a loom from clay which will be fired for strength, and painted. Children will then learn to weave the warp threads and then weave their own design on their loom.

This is a great project for children to hone fine motor skills, strengthen mathematical skills, such as counting, measuring and pattern making, and, of course, gets those creative juices flowing.

Week 1 – children will make their loom from clay, and impress textures and designs on them

Week 2 – children will paint their loom.

Week 3 – children will warp their loom. (thread warping skein onto the loom for creating the weave)

Week 4 – children will complete their weave design, and take their loom home.

Click HERE to enrol online or call me on 0438382522.

Gift Certificates are also available for this project.

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