Drawing for Beginners



Drawing for Beginners

Saturday 7th March till 28th March 1-3pm

In this four week drawing for beginners course you will learn the basics of drawing and develop foundation skills including pencil, charcoal, shading, sketching, cross hatching, line, perspective and composition.

You will learn about the materials needed to begin your drawing journey, such as different pencil types, charcoals, different erasers, paper varieties, and more so that you will feel confident to choose your own materials independently in the future for further projects.

Feel comfortable expressing yourself and unleashing your creativity within an encouraging and relaxing studio atmosphere.

Learn various techniques and then practice them as we explore still life, landscape and more. Be inspired in a non judgemental environment. De-stress, relax and feel the freedom of creativity as you are guided step by step by ClayMotion owner, Dawn Whitehand

Cost: $170

You will receive your very own beginners drawing ‘kit’ plus the class will be supplemented with additional group materials.

Participants will be given priority in the following intermediate course to be offered during future terms.

To see lots more class fun visit the ClayMotion Facebook or Instagram page for lots of images and even more info.

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